Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management can take on many different forms and incorporates a number of procedures and actions. Risks can arise from a number of sources, including employees, injuries sustained on the business property, and mistakes made by the company’s management. Being aware of the various ways that risks arise and having a plan to avoid those risks can save your business precious time and money. Failure to identify potential risks and adequately plan for them can ruin a business.

Based on years of litigation experience, Gilbertson Law Office has seen time and again what can happen when business clients either did not have a risk management plan in place or did not follow through with their risk management plan. For example, many businesses do not realize that they are underinsured or missing important protocols and processes to fully protect themselves, which leaves them scrambling if a claim or other legal issue arises. Many business owners are simply too busy running the actual business to be able to focus on the minutia of risk management. That’s where Gilbertson Law Office fits in as your independent risk management counsel.

Construction Risk Management

In addition, Construction risk management & counseling is a subset of Gilbertson Law Office’s General Risk Management services that focuses on the management and procurement of insurance coverage documents and contract documents. Are you a general contractor or developer who hires subcontractors? If so, you probably know how important it is to make sure that your subcontractors have adequate insurance in the event that a construction claim arises. Similarly, if you are a subcontractor, you need to make sure that your insurance complies with the requirements of your subcontract agreement to fully protect yourself in the event of a claim. Many subcontractors do not realize that they could be forced to step into the shoes of its insurer and pay for claims themselves if their insurance is inconsistent with the subcontract. Gilbertson Law Office can help make sure that all construction professionals are adequately insured to defend against rapidly growing construction defect claims across the country.

Gilbertson Law Office utilizes cutting-edge cloud-based software designed specifically for the construction industry to help to ensure that all necessary contract and insurance documents are obtained from all necessary parties and organized and retained for future use in the event of a claim. The construction industry is a busy one, and often the tasks associated with document gathering and retention fall by the wayside, which inevitably leads to headaches down the road. Gilbertson Law Office is the perfect solution to outsource those tasks so that you can focus on what’s really important to you and your business!

When you engage Gilbertson Law Office, we will start by carefully analyzing your company to identify potential risks that may arise. Once the comprehensive risk management evaluation has been completed, Gilbertson Law Office will recommend a plan of action to address any issues that have been identified, and help you implement the plan when you are ready.

After the comprehensive risk management evaluation has been completed and plans have been implemented, we recommend that you enroll in one of Gilbertson Law Office’s subscription-based general counsel plans.